GIF images are used for various purposes, and they can reflect different meanings to the viewers. GIFs can make something funny, memorable or attractive. With simple words, we cannot describe what a GIF is. However, it has gained much popularity nowadays. As the loading time of GIFs is low and their file size is very small, GIFs cause no issue to the viewers. Now, the question is- How should you create GIF in your Mac computer and share it with others? There are several tools, available for those, who try to make an interactive GIF image. The most important fact is that many of these GIF makers are now available in free version. You may just easily download them and create customized animated images.

Why to use GIFs?

There are actually lots of reason to start using GIFs. However, we think that GIFs have
importance mainly to the marketers. GIFs enable the marketers to draw everyone attention. It is a scientific fact that our eyes get attracted to something, which moves. Thus, the GIF images that are in motion can communicate much information. However, we do not want to say that you have to always insert GIFs to your promotional newsletter.

You may think that you can use video for marketing purpose. However, it is really costly to make videos. In addition to, as you have to convince viewer in pressing Play button. That is why the best solution to all these problems is to design a beautiful GIF. With little effort, you can have an amazing output.

While you are a marketer, GIFs can add life to your products, and they act as the best CTA. Animated images add a different touch of innovation.

GIF makers, available online, are categorized in different ways. Many of these applications are overlapped with the important functionality and features. While you are searching for any GIF tool, you can look for the common features.

  • GIF collection

There are some apps, which are integrated with pre-designed GIFs. You may pick any of
those GIFs and apply it at your website or send it to anyone. However, it will not give you any customized solution.

  • Screen recording to GIF format

While trying to find out the best GIF software, you can check out whether you will be able to record your screen content to transform it to GIF.

  • GIF image from any video

You can find many apps, which enable you to generate animated from online or offline
video. For instance, you may rely on YouTube video for converting it to GIF.

  • Adding words to your animated image

Some software systems give you the option of adding textual words to your GIFs. You will be able to add subtitles and titles. It will cause no effect on animation. For customization, the tools also help you in adding graphics and icons to the image.

  • Resizing or cropping GIFs

The application helps you in cropping or resizing your GIF images. It is essential while you like to emphasize a particular part of a GIF. You may also decrease your file size with this option.

  • Watermark

Just as you use GIF for marketing, the software makers also try to promote their own company. That is why they add watermark on the final image. In free versions, you can use this type of feature. It’s your own choice whether you will accept the watermark on your GIF.

  • Usability

The best software is always easy to use to all the novice users.

  • Mobile application or desktop app

The software can work only on the desktop. Or, it may also be a mobile-friendly app.
You will not get all the above features in every GIF maker. Thus, while you are searching for this software, you have to know whether it has all features, useful to you. For Mac users, we have seen that Licecap works best. Licecap for Mac has different features, like-

  • Fast recording: Record the screen content within the shortest time.
  • Color: You can find various modes of colors, and the low ones are right for the small sized files.
  • Re-adjustable window: Resize your window easily. You can increase or decrease the number of pixels. However, you can increase it to maximum 100.
  • Variable FPS: The FPS of your GIF image is adjustable. For better and smoother GIF
    animation, it can range from eight to fifty.
  • Textbox: Place add any word or text on your.gif. Adjust the opacity of this textbox.
  • Title frame: You may make it visible to you or keep it hidden

Thus, review the features of the free software, like Licecap. You can create GIFs of any type. Add fun and creativity to your images. There will be no issue in making GIFs for any purpose.


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