The days when the internet was taking a boom around the world in all countries, there was ample of time to choose a perfect suitable domain name for the online business. From small scale industries to giant e-commerce there were domains which have potential keywords in their names. As technological trends started to change, people realized the importance of domain name, every hot domain names on the list started to disappear from the availability. Those domains which are exactly available for requirement called exact match domains (EDM). For example, if you want to open a shop which offers cheap pc, would be the exact matched domain. However, all those golden opportunities are gone now.

Google started to rank the web pages and sites which have high-quality content on search terms and beneficial for readers rather than domain names and just keyword stuffers. Google revealing their search engine algorithms that would successfully drop the rankings of sites which does not demonstrate importance and content value, and lift sites with great quality substance over a good keyword density, and a general web composition that looks satisfying. At this moment it appears, basically, a domain name does not have a remarkable impact that in your site design improvement (SEO) efforts and hard work. Apart from that you always need to have a watch on new web development trends on the market.

How Domain Names Contribute to Website Ranking

As we read above its not zero use to have an EDM, yes we can boost domain names. However, you can choose a brand name or any other keyword but having good domain will offer the following benefits.

A Well Recognized or established brand

High CTR (Click through Rates)


Past Traffic

Easy Reorganization

Having these benefits will have a part in boosting your website and in some cases, it effects massively.  Here is another caution for you, check the domain track history on the web before registering it, some domains may have damaged or negatively affected in past years.

Keep in mind that you need your brand image character to appear on your domain name, as well. It should be significant and important to your industry, and putting in keywords may simply be a disturbance.

You don’t need to utilize the keyword in the domain name, simply ensure it is used inside the site at the correct density. Along these lines, when clients make an inquiry, the keywords on your page will be bolded; however, your domain name will stay on the mark.

Making the Domain Popular One

Making a domain as the brand and popular doesn’t need old SEO methods of keyword stuffing, instead, need to make sure that they only refer to the nature of the industry or market it works on. Working smart enough and following the guidelines of search engines, a brand domain can be created from nowhere using a non-matching domain name. Here are the tips to follow for making a normal keyword to a popular brand. (Keep in mind that the domain name is somehow related to the industry, example Flipkart).

Keet it short

Keeping it short creates a catchy name for any brand domain. Example like, e-bay, amazon etc. this short and simple domain will instantly store in anyone’s mind without much effort. Most of the industry always suggests keeping it as small as you can within one to three words.


Having a unique domain is essential than any, if not competitor can or matching domainers can steal your traffic and other things. Choose a domain/brand name which stands outs from competitors in the industry and sounds the good one.

Create Right Signals

Make sure you have a interactive sessions with other brands, consumers, and marketers online. Getting your brand/domain name on social channels, web platforms will boost your online search results more. To send more and more signals on social channels run contents, give always and contests. However, Always maintain quality and high authoritative stuff on the domain.

Choose .com

Always choose .com extension just blindly because most of the expert says users will blindly go for .com extension, if you have .co extension than .com extension, you may lose most of the traffic to .com domain.

Make it relevant

As we mentioned earlier, Flipkart has an inner meaning which depicts it is a shopping website. The cart is included in the domain name, so when you don’t have the choice to pick related domain to choose the relevant name which can communicate the meaning.

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