It is a common human tendency to get restless and bored when they have to wait for a long time for something. People will lose their interests if they find your website taking time to load and they will visit another website. Research has shown that viewers tend to feel that the website’s owner to be incompetent if they find their sites taking too much time to load. This can harm your business.

Lack of speed is a major complaint of many users when they visit a website, affecting not only user perception about a site but also about the entire business, Customers will expect to receive an instantaneous response. Google also takes website loading times as one of its factors to determine a website’s search ranks. Thus your search engine rankings can be affected as well. In this article, you shall learn how you can reduce your server loading time for your WordPress website.

How fast should your website be?

Research has shown that people want your website to load in under 1 second. Even if your site takes one second full, then also your users can feel let down.  If your website takes just about a few nanoseconds more time to load then even users will start complaining and leave your website. You have around 10 seconds to maintain your user’s attention on your website. Thus your WordPress site needs to load within 1 second and provide your users with all the content they want within 10 seconds by which they need to be able to check if what they want to see is there on your site or not.

How can you reduce website’s loading time?

Earlier it used to be images which were improperly formatted which used to slow down your loading time. Today with many technical innovations and software, these problems have been assuaged. However, many people still try to do the formatting themselves and end up by messing things up. Many business owners are not entirely familiar with the website’s technical requirements and end up with providing incorrect images. Thus uploading images that are too large can hamper speeds.

Also putting too many of plug-ins and widgets on your website and reduce your speed. In WordPress, contents get created through content management systems, where web pages and blog posts are stored in the database and are retrieved when a viewer loads that page. With time databases get clogged with codes which are no longer in use, and as a consequence, their website slows down. To add to the obsolete codes, many such sites use widgets and plug-ins which further slow down the speed of the loading.

Supplement website programs

These supplementary programs in a website, such as a sidebar to show videos or to show the weather, or a calendar to mark important dates, will slow down your WordPress page. So you need to avoid them as much as you can. Just use the most basic plug-ins and most essential widgets on your website. Edit the page code if you can directly.  If you wish to keep users engaged in your site, then it is imperative that you keep minimum widgets. Do not overdo them. Because you only have the 10-second window within which your website has to load, and the user has to understand where all the important stuff is.

Streamlining website

You must streamline your site and make it concise. Keep away extra widgets and scripts as much as possible, and this will improve your website’s response time. Test your speed on various mobiles and computers and also tablets.  Remember your goal is to make the response time as little as possible and even a second more in your loading time can result in loss of viewers, which will hamper your business prospects to a great deal.

You can learn about how to reduce server response time of your WordPress site and thus create faster-loading pages which can increase visitors to your page and therefore, improve your business.


In today’s world, everything is instant. People want instant results, and thus, a slow website will not offer any fruitful returns for your business. You have to ensure that your business website on WordPress does not take too much time as then your users will leave your site for some other website.  Using the tips mentioned here, you can hopefully get faster loading times on your web page. This will produce more happy viewers.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a marketing consultant who helps various types of business owners to get more clients and improve their business. He also teaches various tips and tricks to website owners to increase web conversions. At the same time, he writes for various blogs and websites about SEO marketing also. Derek also highlights regarding how to reduce server response time of your WordPress site.


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