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If you’re searching for strategies to save money, buying a new set of technology is not probably on your mind right now. However, keep in mind that there are gadgets that can help you save money over time.

Of course, you’ll spend hundreds on these gadgets, but in return, they can give much better value than what it originally was. Aside from being able to save, these gadgets can also make your life a lot easier than what you think. You may also check out a few useful tech tips online for better understanding.

5 Gadgets for Saving Money

For a little help, listed below are five gadgets that’ll help make your wallet thicker and help you see some extra money in your bank account every month. Check them out!

Luggage Scale

When it comes to packing for a getaway trip, overweight luggage fees are viciously high and pricey. Say, for example, American Airlines will ask you to pay at least $200 for overweight luggage on domestic flights. On the other hand, United Airlines will ask you to pay at least $400 per item depending on the weight and destination.

However, with the help of a luggage scale, that’s around $8, you can know beforehand if your baggage is overweight or not. Thus, you’ll have more time to organize your luggage until it reaches the appropriate weight and avoids paying those expensive fees at the airport.

Yes, it’s an auxiliary investment to buy a luggage scale. However, think about the long-term effects that it can make. You can save lots of money in overweight charges that you’d have compensated otherwise. So, if you want to save money in the long run, then a luggage scale should be on top of your list. You can buy one in any online stores such as Deal Wiki.

Power Strip

Most probably, you have plenty of electronic devices plugged in at your sockets, from TVs to lamps to kitchen appliances to home office equipment. Here’s the main problem, even if you switch these devices off, they still use standby power, which is unhealthy for the planet and is a big waste of money.

According to Energy.gov, energy waste costs houses about a hundred dollars every year and accounts at least 10% of residential energy use. A quick solution to this problem is a smart power strip.

With its help, you’ll never have a problem with your devices standby power because it immediately turns off the power when they’re not in use. Specifically, if the master outlet is off, just like the one you can see on a TV or a desktop computer. It then turns off the energy to your devices so that you are not depleting lots of energy.

Battery Charger

Without a doubt, most gadgets or devices these days can be easily and without difficulty plugged in for recharging. However, there are still some exceptions, from wireless mice to remote controls, which necessitates the help of the ever useful batteries.

That is why you must think about buying rechargeable batteries, as well as a charger, to save tons of time. Although investing in good-quality rechargeable batteries will need an upfront investment, you must make up for that within the year of purchase because by then you can start saving money years after.


According to the Department of Energy, you can save at least 10% on heating and cooling costs by reverting the thermostat for eight hours a day. An easy option is a programmable thermostat.

Though there are many lavish options out there, a programmable thermostat that costs about $20, should be enough if you want to modify the thermostat while you are at work. Approximately, you can save $4 a day with the help of a programmable thermostat.

Faucet Aerator

Do you like strong water pressure in your sinks or showers? Well, a faucet aerator that costs around $5 can help you reduce or minimize your water bill without getting rid of the strong pressure. It also merges in the air, so you can keep or maintain flow but use less water.

Keep in mind that a normal faucet has a flow rate of 2.2 gallons/minute, and most probably you would have to use around sixty-six gallons of water every day if you use the faucet for about a total of 30 minutes. For a year, this amounts to a total of 24,000 gallons, which can yield you $48 annually if you pay $2/1,000 gallons of water.

But if you use a faucet aerator, you’ll likely to reduce your water use by at most 55% and eventually save $26.40 annually. If you want to save tons of money, then invest in a faucet aerator.


What is even better than investing in gadgets or devices that’ll make your life a lot easier and will also help you save cash over time? From a luggage scale to a power strip to a battery charger to a thermostat to a faucet aerator, you’ll never regret buying them because they’ll surely help you save money in the long run.


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