If you are starting your business and want best calling facility so that you and your customers and business partners will happy with you, then you get business phone number from company that will provide phone number at effective charges. If you take phone number from Telecommunication Company, it will take more and more money from you and we are sure that in the starting you will not able to pay huge bills of calling. Then, you can search for one that will provide quality calling facility for your all incoming and outgoing calls. With the calling facility, you will also find many other facilities which are freely provided to you. With all these facilities, your startup business will grow more and more in all ways.

There are huge numbers of advanced facilities which are enabling in business phone number and no telecom has even one facility from these. Some of advanced facilities of business phone number are:

  • Auto receptionist
  • Email request
  • Multiple extensions
  • No extra hardware needed
  • Facebook and twitter messages
  • Customer greeting
  • Call history
  • Call recording
  • High quality sound
  • Free talk up to 10000 minutes
  • Port existing number
  • Dynamic task management
  • Voice mail and transcription
  • Permanent reports
  • Black list call routing
  • Call queues
  • Toll free
  • Call forwarding to any device
  • Mobile app for both android and iOS
  • DND status
  • Conference calls
  • Visual call flow configuration
  • Use your existing phone

One best and unique feature of line2 is auto attendant. Suppose, you are talking to your employee and someone calls you on the same business phone number, then auto attendant feature activate and greet the person. He will not able to know that you are busy on other call. For connecting with you, that person will have to do self service. In this way, business phone number provides professionalism in all ways. If you want to know that how auto attendant feature of line2 work, then look below.

What auto attendant may do?

  • Greet all customers who call
  • Self service to all customers
  • Less involvement in call handling
  • Forwards the call to a group, voicemail, an employee, and playback purpose of the call which fulfill business rules.
  • Calling customer will get related information automatically by message

If you are using line2 number as your business phone number, then you will have many benefits. Benefits of using line2 as business phone number are:

  • Call processing cost will be reduced
  • Customer may have better experience
  • A professional look to all type of business
  • All incoming calls will be managed effectively

If you did not have any phone number because you are starting to think your business, then you should have Line2 business phone number so that your employees, customers and business partners will happy with you for effective and quality communication way.


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