Many people are of opinion that the SEO practices revolve primarily around keyword selection and placement. However, this is a totally wrong concept. Although a certain part of SEO revolves around keyword selection and placement, it’s definitely not the only thing to consider. If you have been experiencing dissatisfactory results even after carrying out the perfect keyword optimization process, there needs to be some other area where the focus should be given.

It’s essential to emphasize the fact that the search engine algorithms definitely rate content with relevant keywords on the pages, as well as, in the metadata. The algorithms also tend to evaluate several other information like, the presence of broken links, bounce rates, number of pages being viewed, inbound, as well as, the outbound links, and the total time-frame for a visitor’s stay on a site. These factors often play a crucial role in implementing the correct SEO approaches that would help in improving the overall ranking and visibility for a website.

Improving the Quality of Content

When it comes to the digital world, content is the key. It is simply anything and everything that would be required to interact with the visitors. It is the content of a website that would determine the amount of time a visitor would spend on the site. Professionals at Tayloright and companies of its type are of the opinion that the quality of content that would result in determining the percentage of traffic presence on the site is important. A site having content, with word count in the range of 2,000–3,000, usually ranks higher in notable search engine directories. However, a content that meets the word count criteria, but fails to maintain quality would fail to achieve higher ranking in search engine results. However, a lengthy content definitely offers you the option to include outbound links, let the visitors spend some extra time required to go through the content, and insert more keywords. Henceforth, it’s essential to create high-quality content of reasonable length. It’s often regarded as an effective SEO practice for generating better sales and business growth.

Improvisation on the Page Loading Speed

Another essential effective SEO strategy to make a page popular is to improvise the page loading speed. A page that loads instantly will always enjoy better traffic presence than a page that would take some 5-6 seconds of loading. A page that takes some more time to load will also result in increasing your site’s bouncing rate, thus resulting in reducing the traffic generation of the page.

Implementing the correct SEO strategies would help your site gain the necessary momentum required to survive the race. To improve the ranking of your website, it is necessary to capture the attention of the users and make them stay on the site for a longer duration. An interactive user experience would definitely bring in better results. All these are essential SEO strategies that need to be implemented to improve the performance of the site.

Maria Jones is a senior SEO executive for Tayloright services. She has been working presently on organic SEO approaches to improve the visibility of a page.


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