A successful business is built from an ethical foundation. From the moment it is founded, it should be based on the principle of excellence, and it should be the mission of top management to strive for high quality products and services before thinking about profit. But, apart from all these, business owners shouldn’t forget that at the heart of a company stand its customers. They are the ones who determine market trends and the ones who can define failure or success based. It is therefore essential to take customer relationship management very seriously. Business owners should use the best CRM tools to streamline all the processes and ensure that they are always accurate and error-free.

Starting from the obvious fact that CRM is such a complex process that it can’t be dealt in a traditional way, managers should look for the best CRM software to invest in. The market is very rich in options: from small proprietary apps developed by startup software development companies to large, enterprise-scale solutions developed by tech giants; there are so many CRM apps that the process of choosing one might become confusing.

What defines the best CRM tools?

The key to finding the top CRM tools is to understand your own needs and the needs of your customers. What do they like and dislike? What is their preferred method of interaction? What things do they find essential while communicating with you and what things can they live without? In general, experts recommend managers to focus on the following aspects when choosing CRM solutions:

  • Top CRM solutions should allow you to efficiently organize information about the customer. This means that you have to gather data about customers and store them in one single place, using an intuitive system. This includes not only contact details, but also details about every interaction, be it by phone, email or face to face. Customer relations staff should be able to bring up this data in future interactions and use it effectively.
  • CRM programs streamline communication between departments. Because all customer data is in one single place and anyone can access it, there are no more communication errors. The customer is treated in the same way, and there are no inconsistencies in your strategy. As a result, customer service is improved.
  • CRM applications allow you to automate tasks. This not only saves time, but also eliminates human error. Not many managers realize this, but many redundant tasks take a lot of time, and this doesn’t let employees focus on what really matters.
  • Data reporting and analytics. A professional CRM platform provides at a glance reports and overviews about customer behavior and customer interaction, which you can use to develop new growth strategies.

List of top rated CRM tools


Bpm’online is an intelligent and flexible platform that requires minimum coding skills and answers the needs of top managers for precise customer relationship management. This tool comes with out-of-the box solutions that cover CRM in particular and business process management in general. The main features of this application include: process monitoring, reporting and analysis, case management, system design options, open configuration and an intuitive admin interface. The app also has mobile integration.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution used by many large companies thanks to its large scale adaptability. Salesforce features include the ability to gain customer insights using accurate data, reach out to new potential customers and ensure customer satisfaction using analysis and reporting tools. This app is also mobile compatible, so everything can be managed on the go.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The latest version of Microsoft CRM was launched in 2016, and it is being used by more than 35,000 corporate clients. Being developed by one of the largest companies, it benefits from extensive support and is available in many languages. This CRM application offers lots of features, including the ones to manage sales and marketing processes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in three versions: Workgroup Edition, Professional Edition and Service Provider Edition.


Nimble CRM is an accessible solution that aims to cover the needs and goals of small start-up companies by offering them enterprise grade CRM tools. Nimble allows users to gather customer data without resorting to data entry, saving time and resources. It also provides insights into customer behavior and helps customer service staff polish their interaction strategy. Like most modern CRM platforms, Nimble can be used on a mobile device or tablet, giving the users the overview over all interactions with customers.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a complex application that combines advanced features for managers who are committed to answering the highest customer demands. This all in one program has many options, including management of email and telephony campaigns, helpdesk, social media interactions and much more. It is also cloud-based, and it supports integration with the existing software. The Agile CRM dashboard is intuitive and includes at-a-glance data about task reports, activities, contacts and deals. Agile CRM has cross-platform compatibility and can be used remotely.


SAP CRM targets mainly large businesses and offers extensive features that range from marketing to sales, service and commerce. The addition of billing and revenue management allows staff to integrate two processes. Other essential features that should be mentioned include loyalty management, marketing analytics, sales force automation, on-site and remote customer service.

These are just a few examples of high quality, state of the art customer relationship management systems, but the spectrum of business app solutions is much wider. In order to find the best one, you have to create a list of priorities and implement the CRM tool that fits the majority of your requirements. And, to make sure you’re ready to step up your game when your business grows, choose a flexible CRM that allows to add and remove features as needed.


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