In this gadget world, air conditioner (AC) is one of the highly utilized gadgets to tolerate the high-temperature days. Due to increased usage of the air conditioner, it leads a way for the establishment of many AC brands in the market. However, Voltas is one of the old and superior brands of air conditioner manufacturing company.

In order to withstand in the competitive market, AC manufacturers begin to produce new technology incorporated air conditioner, which delivers high efficiency at low cost.  As a result, inverter technology air conditioner is invented and it is used highly accessed now apart from split AC and window AC.

Nowadays, you can see and hear many advertisements talking about inverter fridge, inverter AC, and even inverter microwave oven. Inverter AC is the recent development in the air conditioner market. Do you know that what is inverter AC? How does an inverter air conditioner work? What are the benefits of inverter AC? Here, you can get to know answer for all these questions.

What is inverter AC?

The inverter technology is one of the latest evolutions of technology regarding the electromotors of the compressors. The inverter is used to control the compressor motor speed so that it can continuously regulate the temperature. The inverter AC have increased efficiency than traditional AC. It eliminated extended life of the AC unit parts and the load sharp fluctuations. This makes the inverter air conditioner quieter along with less broke downs and lower operating costs. When compared to constant speed AC, inverter AC is quite costly but this will be balanced with energy bills.

How does inverter AC work?

When the room temperature is high or there are many people in the room, inverter AC increased the cooling capacity as per the need. This will result in energy efficiency and accurate temperature control. This is one of the major differences with the non-inverter air conditioner. The inverter AC has the ability to control compressor motor speed and eliminates stop-start cycles. Therefore, it makes AC less prone to the breakdowns, excellent cooling, and more energy efficient. The compressor and controller in the inverter AC are different from the traditional non-inverter AC. Variable speed compressor is the heart of the inverter air conditioner as it changes the compressor speed by the varying AC frequency according to the heat load. When the compressor speed changes as per the heat load cooling capacity also change.

Benefits of having inverter AC:

  • You can save energy
  • Operates silently and does not provide any noise
  • Lasts longer than the traditional air conditioner
  • Cools the room much faster
  • There is no peak in voltage because of the compressor
  • Higher efficiency
  • Temperature is maintained with increased stability

Apart from these, you will avail several long-term benefits in terms of reliability, operational costs, and efficiency than a normal AC. While inverter air conditioner offers these much of benefits, it is quite expensive to purchase. If you wish to buy an inverter AC at a reasonable price, then you can prefer Flipkart as they offer high-quality products with reasonable price.


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