Cryptocurrency has been a revolutionary thing in the 21st century and more and more people are investing in multiple cryptos globally. There are javascript software and websites that allows users to mine cryptocurrency using their web browser. While many of the people think it as illegal, unsafe and not much profitable. There are others that have proved the benefit of browser mining. The concept has failed miserably several times but now it is back again with a full vengeance. Recent developments in the crypto industry and threat landscapes has increased the popularity of this means of earning. So you can also start to mining monero in web-browser in order to make some huge amount of money. Let us look at the factors that have made web-browser mining of cryptocurrency so much popular –

  1. The launch of privacy-focused cryptocurrencies – Earlier there was the scenario of hacking and losses in mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using a web browser. But then Monero was introduced in 2014 which offered a high level of transaction privacy. Earlier most of the cryptocurrencies were using public transparent blockchains and in that the address of transaction can be easily viewed by any hacker. But monero works in a completely different manner and sets everything to private by default, including the amount of transaction, who received and sent the amount etc. There is an option which the wallet owners can choose to reveal information about the transaction. Monero makes sure that the transactions are safe and secure and hence it is profitable to start to mining monero in web-browser.
  2. Easy to use – Monero mining is made easy by the package provided by Coinhive to users. All you need to do is add some lines of code to your website and there will be no need to ask your website visitors to download and install some files. This will enable browser-based mining without anyone’s notice unless the user is using insufficient throttling.
  3. It is profitable to mine monero with common home hardware – The price of monero has recently reached over $300 and the existing network has received a hash power of around 300 MH/s which has made Monero mining quite profitable and it is a game of scale. If you start to mining monero in web-browser, then it is cost effective as the cost is borne by the website visitors through the wear and tear of their hardware as well as energy. If you use high traffic websites then you can do bitcoin trading on a large scale.


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